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#1 Rated Ultra Thin Cases

The perfect phone case.

Thoughtfully designed to offer everything you need in a phone case, and nothing you don’t.

Experience the original design of your device

Made for case-haters who appreciate the true design of their phones while keeping it safe from wear & tear.

Branding Free

We believe minimalism is beautiful, that’s why we chose not to put our logo on thinasae cases. You’ll forget you even have a case on your phone

Will not turn yellow

The Clear variant of the 11zeros thin case is made from a unique polymer that will not turn yellow.

* This unique resin contains special oxides to prevent yellowing from UV rays. The reflective nature of these oxides will make darker coloured phones (like black) look a tad lighter.

Perfectly Formed

At just 0.35mm thin, thinase case wraps seamlessly around your phone to protect from dings and scratches. A subtle lip protects the protruding camera lens.